One sentence wonders

Calvin and Hobbes - Academic Writing

Distilling an MA thesis or PhD dissertation down to a two or three hundred word abstract is difficult enough. But this … this is the academic equivalent of the technical skill required to compose a really memorable Very Very Short Story, combined with a steely resolve for Truth In Advertising. Go to and see for yourself what a timesink it is, with gems like

It usually helps when people take their medicine.
Social Work, WCU
“Remote Medication Management Systems: Potential Benefits for Polypharmacy and Rural Populations”


Powerful people want your personal data because $$$.
Sociology, San Diego State University
“The Surveillance Network”

and my current personal favorite,

Sometimes when people don’t say things, they don’t say things differently.
Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz
“Beyond Deep and Surface: Explorations in the Typology of Anaphora”

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