How’s your religious literacy?

Find out by taking the U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz. No, this isn’t another one of those “Which Flavor of Ice Cream are You?” internet timesink quizzes. It’s the 15-question short informal quiz version of the Pew Forum’s 32-question U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey. I’ve used this quiz to good effect at the start of Intro to Religious Studies and World Religions courses. The result not only ranks you in comparison to how people who took the survey answered these questions, it also allows you to compare your answers with those of various respondent groups (white evangelical Protestants, white mainline Protestants, black Protestants, white Catholics, hispanic Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Atheists/Agnostics, and Nothing-in-Particulars).Anyway, click here to take the Quiz, and see how well you do.